Saturday, March 20, 2010

CH 5: Turtledy Durdledy's Trip Down Johnson's Branch By Raft

One day Turtledy Durdledy saw a big log raft someone had left tied to a tree near his home. So, thought Turtledy Durdledy, why not just borrow this raft and take off down the stream.

So, he did just that.

He was very excited just floating along. There wasn't any danger. The branch was narrow. No place for him to go in any other direction. So, he just sailed along, pretending he was on a big ship.

He saw big snakes in the water and along the shore. Some turtles, frogs and fish jumping up out of the water. It was fun just looking. He also saw rabbits. Just lots of them. A deer, too.

After a long time, he began to wonder how he'd ever get back home, or even how he could get the raft to head for shore. Then he began to cry.

"Oh my, what have I done now?"

Finally though, he saw some men fishing on the bank near him. He hollered to them, "Please won't you help me? Please help me!"

The men came rushing out into the water and pulled the raft to shore.

"Why are you on our raft? they asked.

Poor Turtledy Durdledy was so afraid.

"I just wanted to ride a little way. Please don't be mad. PLEASE!"

"No harm done," they said. "We'll just pull the raft with that rope on board up the creek from the shore. You just stay in and we'll pull you back."

Now wasn't that nice, Turtledy Durdledy thought. People are so nice to me. So he had another long ride, but a little bumpy.

By the time he got home, his mother - very nervous and fat - was just about to have a fit. She was looking everywhere for him. So of course when she did see him, she forgot all about what she had planned - to give him the worst whipping he had ever had.

You see, she just picked him up in her arms and loved him real hard.

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