Saturday, March 20, 2010

CH 4: Turtledy Durdledy's Visit to the Candy Store

Turtledy Durdledy's mother gave him a nickel to go to the candy store uptown. The very best candy store (to all the children in this town anyway) was Mr. Jack Owens'. So he rushed uptown to the store. Just couldn't wait.

Mr. Owens was a very kind, old man that always smiled at you and never hurried you. Just let you stand there and look all you wanted, till you decided what you wanted. At this time - a long, long time ago - candy was a lot cheaper than today. So you could get a lot of candy for just one nickel. You could get some kinds five-for-one-cent.

After about thirty minutes, Turtledy Durdledy told Mr. Jack Owens just what he wanted. Then he began like this:

"I want this piece."

"How many do you get for one cent?"

Then Mr. Owens would tell him.

Then on to the next piece. He'd go through it all again with Mr. Owens till the nickel was spent.

When he came out of the store, he met my brother Ruel.

Ruel said, "Give me a piece of candy."

"OK," said sweet, little Turtledy Durdledy.

By the time they had come up to the big hill from town to Ruel's house, all the candy was all gone. So, Turtledy Durdledy decided he'd just stop and play with all the Vaughn children.

We played hide-and-seek, jump-the-rope, but Turtledy Durdledy's legs were too short for this.

Then we placed two bricks together and made a fire between them. Ruel and I went into the house and slipped a large iron skillet from our mother's cabinet. Then we sliced some bacon. Then sliced some sweet potatoes.

Out the door we ran to the yard and our little fire in the bricks. We put the bacon in the skillet and cooked it nice and brown. Then we took that out and fried the sliced sweet potatoes. When the potatoes were done, we sat down on the ground and ate it all up.

Then Turtledy Durdledy had to go home. That night after he had gone to bed, he began to feel real bad. Oh, how his stomach ached.

His mother said, "What did you eat besides the candy?"

Then he began to tell all about our cooking potatoes and bacon.

So I guess Turtledy Durdledy learned the hard way that little turtles don't eat like people after all.

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