Saturday, March 20, 2010

CH 3: Turtledy Durdledy's Day in School

One day Turtledy Durdledy decided it would be very nice if he could go to school as all the little boys and girls did - to people school.

So one morning, he just got up from his bed and told his mother he was starting to school.

"Now Turtledy Durdledy," his mother said, "you know that little turtles do not go to school."

But nothing she said made any difference to him. He still wanted to go.

So his mother said, "All right, you may go, but you'll see. They will laugh at you. Then you will cry."

Anyway, she helped him put his clean things on and away he went to school.

He arrived a little late to class as it took him longer to get places fast. So when he walked into the schoolroom, all the children and the teacher were there. They all looked at him when he entered the room.

The teacher asked, "Who are you?" Turtledy Durdledy told her his name.

Then she asked, "Just what do you want here?"

"I want to start to school, please."

"But don't you have turtle school?"

"No," said Turtledy Durdledy. "Anyway, I want to be a people-boy, not a turtle-boy, so I have to learn to read."

The poor teacher didn't know what to do and all the children were begging to let him stay. So she said for him to have a seat. Then she started on with the lessons. She gave Turtledy Durdledy a tablet and pencil and a reader. Of course, Turtledy Durdledy didn't know a thing about any of these things, but he was a very smart little fellow, I'll tell you.

He just sat and watched the children around him. And he learned to hold his pencil and make marks on the tablet, but that was about all he learned that whole day.

Everything was fun till it was recess time. Then they went out to play. That's when the trouble began.

As you know, the little boys and girls were very nice to him and treated him fine. But the big boys and girls did just what his mother said - laughed at him and teased him and made him cry.

He ran back into the schoolroom and cried to his teacher. The kind teacher told him that the children were mean to him, but he must remember he wasn't really supposed to come to this school. And she told him she would give him the book and tablet and pencil to take home. She also made out all his letters and numbers for him to learn. That way Turtledy Durdledy was happy again and went home believing he could learn all there was to learning at home.

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