Thursday, August 20, 2015

Whimsy Nazi Mime

(a call for courage in the face of future tyrants)

Hitler's flimsy whimsy
was whimsied on a dime.
Phoned his foe Marcel Marceau
- whimsy Nazi mime.

"My possum's up a 'simmon tree.
Your monkey's on the ground,
pantomiming gleefully,
'Shake them 'simmons down!'"

Marcel Marceau would whisper low
his monkey murder word.
His tongue broke free, but hung on T,
and U came out absurd.

"T-U, turkey! T-U, tie!
T-U, turkey! Buzzard's eye!
Monkey hoard the possum's blossoms!
Drip the Nazis dry!"

Adolf coughed, teed off at golf,
with monkey, mime and friend,
but yearned to have them burned,
when possum walked in wind.

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