Thursday, August 20, 2015

The World, It's What's for Dinner

When I was young with savoir faire,
this blue-green globe had much to spare.
I’d climb the tree and breathe the air
and taste the fruit that grew up there.

But now it’s bare. Do I despair?
I did not share, avec mon frère.
I say no prayer. It’s your affair.
I do not care. I do not care.

Boil down all the oceans
and eat up all the fish.
Deep fried fragrant forests
make a crispy pine nut dish.

Melt snow-peak mountains
an put ‘em in the soup.
For dessert, a desert cake.
It's Java lava poop.

Tahiti's so meaty.
Djibouti's so fruity.
When stewed in the Pacific,
they're tasty and terrific.

Distill the atmosphere
into a happy, hoppy beer.
Tap a polar ice cap.
Cheers! The end is near.

Greece comes out my pores.
The Azores make good S’mores.
Chad's so cheesy.
“Hey! Two Berlins, over easy!”

Gnaw big bites of Bogota
with raw slaw Omaha.
On Sweden I’ll-be-feed’n
'til they banish me from Eden.

The Andes are my candies.
Helsinki’s in my Twinkies.
Hong Kong is a Ding Dong.
So 'm fat. I'll shed my thong.

A Cameroon macaroon
with prune Prague Rangoon.
Feast on Iran flan,
then quickly hit the Cannes.

Had a Big Iraq attack.
Freshl-squeezed Tobago
on a cookie Cairo gyro.

Nevada enchilada.
No estoy cansada.
Kyoto burrito.
Tokyo taquito.

Stick a fork in old New York,
Dry rub Bronx and call it pork.
Key a Spam Savannah.
with flambéed Atlanta banana.

The Mozambique bisque
was a culinary risk,
but Milk of Micronesia
gets ya off yer knees, ja?

Malawi Guacamole
on Frisco Rice-a-Roni.
Memphis maraschino
on Reno cappuccino.

Puree Zimbabwe
on Santa Fe parfait.
Pan-fry Panacea
on a piece of Pisa pizza.

Drip dry old Morocco
on a Moscow Choco Taco.
Rome foam JELL-O =
a lemony archipelago.

Don’t think me uncouth
with a Duluth Baby Ruth.
Jeddah muffuletta
in a bruised Bruges brushetta.

Macon-wrapped bacon
was mine for the takin’.
Turkey Turkey Jerky
like pemmican Albuquerque.

Cut up Kathmandu,
drop it in fondue
with cubes of Kabul bouillon.
Voila – Khartoum Foo-Young!
Leftover Equator?
Save it for later.
An Ebola Zaire
lurks in Frigidaire.

Freeze Belize, please,
and put it between your knees.
Then nuke ‘em on good China
with caramel Carolina.

Whoa, Nelly! Oh, my belly!
So hungry and a sinner.
I consume my doom, my dummy.
The world – it’s what’s for dinner.

God's on our plate.
God is our food.
We forgot to thank Him,
and now we're all screwed.

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